Biomedical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University


Directory of Faculty and Administrative Staff

Faculty on Campus (search by research topics)

Antaki, James*# antaki Medical devices, cardiovascular Publications
Armitage, Bruce army Luminescent biosensors Publications
Bettinger, Chris*# cbetting Biomaterials, biocompatible electronics Publications
Bruchez, Marcel bruchez Luminescent biosensors Publications
Campbell, Phil# pcampbel Tissue engineering Publications
Chase, Steven*# schase Neural signal processing Publications
Choset, Howie choset Surgical robotics Publications
Cohen-Karni, Tzahi*# tzahi Biomedical nanotechnology Publications
Cook, Keith*# keicoook Medical devices, pulmonary Publications
Dahl, Kris*# kndahl Cell mechanics, nucleus Publications
Domach, Michael# md0q Biotechnology & bioreactors Publications
Fedder, Gary fedder Implantable medical devices Publications
Feinberg, Adam*# feinberg Tissue engineering Publications
Galeotti, John jgaleotti Medical imaging Publications
Geyer, Hartmut hgeyer Limb mechanics and robotics Publications
Ho, Chien# chienho Magnetic resonance imaging Publications
Hollinger, Jeffrey* hollinge Tissue engineering, bones Publications
Kanade, Takeo tk Biomedical computer vision Publications
Kelly, Shawn skkelly Artificial retina Publications
Kovacevic, Jelena jelenak Bioimage informatics Publications
LeDuc, Philip# prleduc Cell mechanics & synthetic biology Publications
Loesche, Mathias# quench Cell engineering, membranes Publications
Mandal, Maumita# mandal Biomolecular mechanics, RNA Publications
McHenry, Michael# mm7g Biomaterials, magnetic Publications
Minden, Jonathan# minden Proteomic technologies Publications
Moura, Jose M.F.# moura Biomedical signal processing Publications
Murphy, Robert# murphy Bioimage informatics Publications
Ozdoganlar, Burak ozdoganlar Medical device fabrication Publications
Pekkan, Kerem*# kpekkan Cardiovascular mechanics Publications
Przybycien, Todd*# todd Drug delivery Publications
Rabin, Yoed rabin Biothermal technologies Publications
Rikakis, Thanassis trikakis Rehabilitation engineering Publications
Riviere, Cameron camr Surgical robotics Publications
Rohde, Gustavo*# gustavor Bioimage informatics Publications
Russell, Alan# alanrussell Enzyme engineering Publications
Schneider, James# schneider Biomolecular separation technologies Publications
Shimada, Kenji# shimada Surgical engineering Publications
Sitti, Metin msitti Biomedical microrobotics Publications
Stetten, George stetten Medical imaging Publications
Suresh, Subra president Cell mechanics, red blood cells Publications
Tilton, Robert*# tilton Drug delivery & nanotechnology Publications
Waggoner, Alan waggoner Luminescent biosensors Publications
Wang, Yu-li*# yuliwang Cell mechanics & cell migration Publications
Washburn, Newell*# washburn Wound repair & tissue regeneration Publications
Weiss, Lee# lew Bioprinting & biofabrication Publications
Whitehead, Kathryn kawhite Drug delivery, siRNA Publications
Yang, Ge*# geyang Super-resolution imaging Publications
Yu, Byron*# byronyu Neural engineering Publications
Zapanta, Conrad* czapanta Medical devices, BME education Publications
Zhang, Y. Jessica jessicaz Biomechanics & geometrical modeling Publications

* indicates core members
# indicates open to mentoring selected Biomedical Engineering undergraduate students for reserach

Administrative Staff

Calvin, Vanessa tango Business Manager 412_ 268 2580
Galuska, Kristin kgaluska Undergraduate Program &
Alumni Relations Coordinator
412_ 268 3955
Hall, Crystal crystalh Graduate Program Administrator 412_ 268 4707 Sponsored Research Specialist 412_ 268 9950
Ries, Ryan ryanries Associate Buyer 412_ 268 8623
Wang, Yu-li yuliwang Department Head 412_ 268 4442 Assistant to the Department Head 412_ 268 6222
Zapanta, Conrad czapanta Associate Department Head 412_ 268 9061