Biomedical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Design 1

Capstone Design Projects

Senior capstone design introduces Biomedical Engineering students to the development of products of real-life impact on human health. Students learn how to identify product needs and assess potential obstacles, then use tools of project management and creativity development to acheive the goal.

The course sequence consists of:

  • 42-401, offered in the Fall semester as a 6-unit course, introduces students to the basic concept of design and the potential projects, then organizes them into teams of 4-5 members each.  The students then put together a development plan and complete an initial prototype.
  • 42-402, offered in the Spring semester as a 9-unit course, executes the plan developed in 42-401 and culminates in the completion of additional prototypes and a design summary, as well as presenting their work at the annual design fair.

These classes take advantage of the unique additional major in Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, by mixing students of different traditional majors in a team to promote multi-disciplinary collaborative skills.

Previous Projects


2017 Oxygen Concentrator An Affordable, Safe and Effective Oxygen Concentrator for Use in Low-Resource Settings (pdf, 1,201KB)
Katrina Gualtieri, Zach Pan, Alec Peterson,Hannah Salinas, Jack Wang
2017 Lateral Flow Assay Architecture Allerjif: Low-Cost Food Allergy Lateral Flow Assay (pdf, 398KB)
Ji Young Ahn, Vishal Ahuja, Ben Crites, David Ott
2017 Image of a successfully treated ICA (left) and a failed ICA treatment Aneurysm Modeling and Improved Treatment using Genipin Coated Coils (pdf, 1,034KB)
Divya Bramharouthu, Frederick Buse, Gary Falanga, Matthew MacKinney, Casey Salandra
2017 Antibacterial Scrubs Antibacterial Scrubs for Healthcare Workers (pdf, 288KB)
Akindele Davies, Claire Gianakas, Maya Holay, Benal Johnson, Kimberly Klausing
2017 Bayer Shield Bayer Shield Project (pdf, 170KB)
Nick Halbedl, Lois Kim, Lauren Zemering
2017 Device Developing a Medication Assistance Device to Reduce Noncompliance With Prescription Medication (pdf, 218KB)
Ceci Morales, Rebekah Zhao, Sebastian Murati, Tina Park
2017 Bayer Spike Designing a Drip-Free Injector Spike for Contrast Media Transfer in CT/MRI Suites (pdf, 588KB)
Austin Berg, Alexandra Cerny, Sabrina Liu, Michelle Ma, Anna Zhang, Dr. Conrad Zapanta, Michael McDermott, Abraham Umo
2017 Hydraulic Cardiac Sleeve Hydraulic Cardiac Sleeve (pdf, 356KB)
Udaya Malik, Rachel McCoy, Patricia Pan, Corrina Tender, Shiv Wadwani
2017 Device Know Nuts: Detecting the Presence of Peanut Allergens in Food (pdf, 846KB)
Gordon Pace, Jason Seepaul, Emily Swanson, Jamie Yang
2017 Device Laparoscopic Lens Cleaning Device (pdf, 453KB)
Heather Bowman, Alyssa Meyer, Ryan Pearce, Yushuan Peng
2017 MedBot-Home MedBot-Home: Automatic Medication Dispensing System (pdf, 1,230KB)
Nicole Bustos, Andreas Fatschel, Kalie Rosati, Ivana Vlahovic, Omkar Kelkar
2017 Inhaler Modified Inhaler Adapters (pdf, 1,498KB)
Tiffany Fu, Jeong Min Seo, Nicole Tom, Benjamin Yang
2017 Dental Pump Non-Electric Dental Pump (pdf, 1,439KB)
Anna Bandecca, Katie Beittenmiller, Samantha Shoemaker, Margaret-Anne Smith
2017 Subtalar Subtalar Ankle Prosthetic (pdf, 866KB)
Maggie Banks, Evan Wood, Gillian Crews, Andi Arias, Brad Jannette
2017 Nasal Valve Treatment Treatment for Nasal Valve Collapse (pdf, 792KB)
Neil Carleton, Zeyu Hu, Rinko Maeshima, Marissa Schwartz, Jamei Wang
2017 TWYST TWYST: A Bio-sanitizing Unit for Developing Countries (pdf, 134KB)
Rebecca Fortner, Timothy Hui, Jennifer Jung, Christine Rooney, Adrian Zhao


2016 Spinal Simulator ChiroProktor: A Spinal Misalignment Simulator to Aid Chiropractic Adjustments (pdf, 1,421KB)
Eric Parigoris, Meave Higgins, Christopher Chao, Nicole Kawakami, Lauren Zemering, Torrell Jackson
2016 Cost Effective Dialysis Cost-Effective Dialysis (pdf, 657KB)
Eleanor Kwik, Muyuan Li, Marissa Morales, Dhrisya Raman, Anthonia Raphael-Chieke
2016 Embolization Coils Design of Biologically Active Embolization Coils for Treating Brain Aneurysms (pdf, 722KB)
Joet Bagga, Onyenma Enwereji, Darwin Kwok, Derek Loh, Ann Rutt
2016 Fluid Management Fluid-Mixing Management during Radiology Fluid Injection (pdf, 395KB)
Corrine Bacigal, Steven Geier, Andria Lemus, Carrie Qiu
2016 Fluid Temperature Measuring Fluid Temperature Inside of a Syringe (pdf, 1,117KB)
Edna Fongod, Justin Knobloch, Lexi Mod, Shreya Munjal, Justin Finkenaur
2016 GHB Detection GHB Detection Device (pdf, 649KB)
Minrui Feng, James Ham, Sean Kim, Hao-Jan Shue, Kathryn Sullivan
2016 Subtalar Joint Implementation of a Subtalar Joint in Low-cost Prosthetics (pdf, 444KB)
Vincent Chiang, Teddy Houlis, Vivian Qiu, Nathanial Thompson
2016 Transfemoral Prosthetic Low-Cost Transfemoral Prosthetic (pdf, 1,803KB)
Lea Cody, Veronica Jaime-Lara, Angela Ng, Deepak Ravi, Priya Patel
2016 Respiration Monitor FORM: Fitness Respiration Monitor (pdf, 791KB)
Brigitte Quirk, Evaline Ju, Lily Kwan, Gabriel Mitchell
2016 Ingestible Medical Device Ingestible Medical Device for Controlled Drug Delivery to the Small Intestine (pdf, 4,094KB)
Amy Desalazar, Rachel Freer, Linna Griffin, Molly Klimak, Mathea Tenwalde
2016 Water Disinfection A Sustainable Indicator for Solar Water Disinfection (pdf, 2,719KB)
Elizabeth Starck, Ashwath Sankar, Abhinav Gautam, Courtney Pozzi, Dominique MacCalla
2016 Water Desilting Kopo Safi: Low-Resource Water Desilting for Developing Countries (pdf, 519KB)
Annette Ritchie, Kelsey Rhee, Ismael Sobek, Sun-Young Wang


2015 Above Elbow Prosthetic Above Elbow Prosthetic (AEP): An Extension to the LN-4 for Transhumeral Amputees (pdf, 351KB)
Calvin Chan, Emily Conlan, Sarah Dewees, and Natasha Gorski
2015 Brace Align BraceAlign: Low Cost Adjustable Brace for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (pdf, 985KB)
Seth Cordts, Olivia Dippo, Lucas Friedman, Cherry Park, Juan Portela
2015 Dentomatic Dentomatic: Automatic Tooth Brushing/Mouth Cleaning Device for People with Disabilities (pdf, 195KB)
Bryce Beisswanger, Taylor Hughes, Soojin Kim, Jaewon Lee, Madeline Monroe
2015 Extravasation Early Detection of Extravasation (pdf, 490KB)
Stephanie Chen, Blair Graham, Sam Klein, Mike McDermoX, Mariah Ondeck
2015 Epic Arm The Epic Arm (pdf, 215KB)
Nia Christian, Lindsey Milisits, Jeffrey Nemes, and Dustin Schneider
2015 Retinal Prosthesis External Unit for Retinal Prosthesis (pdf, 237KB)
Shahana Ganesharajah, Adriana Garcia, Stowe Hammarberg, Meghan Kaffine
2015 EZ ECMO EZ-ECMO: An Expandable Arterial Catheter for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygena (pdf, 790KB)
Erica Green, Palak Pujara, Chris5an Schultz, Darwin Yang, Ariana Zito-Wolf
2015 MIA Inhaler M.I.A. Assisted Inhaler (pdf, 373KB)
Morgan Fritz, Conor McGuire, Jessica Uphoff, Tommy Vandenberg
2015 SEIV-Catheter SEIV-Cath: Self-Expanding IV Catheter for Improved Drug and Fluid Delivery (pdf, 716KB)
Kelsie Eiler, Jide Ezike, Shigeto Ono, Irini Sotiri
2015 Smart Shoe Smart Shoe Design: Adaptable Shoe for Foot Pronation (pdf, 3,783KB)
Nate Appelson, Lillian Reape, Sean Kane, Dennis Shih
2015 Wright FitWright Fit: A Novel Ambulatory Compression Therapy Device for Chronic Venous Insufficiency (pdf, 209KB)
Adam Costanza, Jordan Green, Roslyn Lee, Lauren Powers, Caitlin Streamer
2015 Chest Tube Zero Gravity Chest Tube Drainage System (pdf, 1,507KB)
Allison Lim, Astha Keshan, Krithiknath Tirupapuliyur, Lauren Goldstein, Kristina Jang, Mark Stanard


2014 Cardiac Phantom Development and Integration of New Software for a Cardiac Flow Phantom (pdf, 8,890KB)
Brittany Couture, Dennis Guo, Vinit Palayekar, Mike Standish, Joshua Yee
2014 DEW Device for Emergency Water (D.E.W.) (pdf, 143KB)
Anne Alcasid, Corinne Clinch, Uriel Eisen, Elizabeth Ha, Yixing Shi, Christina Yoon
2014 Fibreeze Fibreeze: Leak-Proof Hollow Fiber for Artificial Lungs (pdf, 422KB)
Alexis Zambino, Corina Ramirez, Maddie Cramer, Sissy Henriquez, Spencer Lehr, Trisha Ambe
2014 Firelight Firelight Surgical Lamps: Designing a Surgical Lamp for a Resource Poor Setting (pdf, 2,053KB)
Michelle Wolf, Daniel Shafrir, Caitlyn DiPietro, Adria Spivack
2014 FIT Football Informatic Technology (pdf, 984KB)
Robert Winkelman, Tejank Shah, Catherine Rudnick, and Roma Luthra
2014 Helios Helios: Solar Powered Autoclave (pdf, 3,517KB)
Anshul Dhanker, Gryphon Drake, Jinie Haytko, Yatindra Patel, Christine Sidoti, Gihoon Song
2014 Lung Link Lung Link: Improved Artificial Lung Conduits (pdf, 374KB)
Kalliope Bouloubassis, Jaqueline Budz, Joseph Guihan, Rahul Kurl
2014 People Prop People Prop: a Back Brace for Camptocormia (pdf, 328KB)
Chava Angell, Felix Chiu, Keith Joseph, Liana Kong, Victoria Patino, Kenny Varner, Courtney Williamson, Wayne Chung
Visit abiliLife for fully developed product known as Calibrace.
2014 PLAID PLAID: Precise Low-Resource Autoclave Inspecting Device (pdf, 328KB)
Madison Calhoun, Yang Choo, Andrew Hudson, Kevin Kan, Kaitlyn Nowak, Cecilia Zischkau
2014 Scotty Sock Scotty Sock: A Device to Treat Achilles Tendinopathy (pdf, 1,026KB)
Katie Bruce, Stephen Chen, Jennifer Elkin, Conor Fitzgerald, Julie Rekant
2014 Spine Implant An Interspinous Implant to Improve Dynamic Motion in the Lumbar Spine Region (pdf, 2,167KB)
Rachel Bordin, Allen Kim, Gina Lu, Bryce Pardoe, Eric Volk
2014 Sterisol SteriSol: A Solar-‐Powered Sterilization and Distillation Unit for Low Resource Areas (pdf, 678KB)
Evan Fisch, Joon Hyung Park, Anand Sastry, Ajmal Thanikkal, Rebecca Wells
2014 TIM Tartan Intubation for Microgravity (pdf, 420KB)
Jeffrey Chen, Joshua Chen, Anusha Chinthaparthi, Rebecca Lui, Gillian Tay, Jessica Yuan
2014 Toco Android Based Tocodynamometer and Fetal Heart Rate Monitor (pdf, 1,609KB)
Whitney Aaronson, Dale Best, Arnob Mallick, Sara Saheb Kashaf, Matt Sarett, Eric Wise


2013 Baby Beads Baby Beats: Mobile Device and Application for Measuring Fetal Heart Rate in High-Risk Pregnancies (pdf, 5,687KB)
Moni Sallam, Breanna Stillo, Sangita Sharma, Rohan Agashe, Bria Larkin, Chanmi Yang
2013 CLASP CLASP: Closure of Large Abdominal Wounds Through Steady Pressure (pdf, 1,108KB)
Jennifer Horst, Christina Razzano, Duke Miller, James Weltz
2013 Cystic Fibrosis Gamification of Cystic Fibrosis Active Cycle of Breathing Rehab Regimen (pdf, 1,124KB)
Laura Laham, Marianne Thaila, Katherine Lee, Hannah Shepard, Angela Ku
2013 Pacifier The Diagnostic Pacifier (pdf, 9,709KB)
Carol Kotermanski, Kelli Coffey, Jonathan Carreon, Stephanie Stras, Amber Ohiokpehai
2013 Ear Clear CLear: An At Home Ear Cleaning Device (pdf, 1,374KB)
Alissa Ebong, Jee Young Lee, Hector Lo, Kelle Patterson, Jonathan Wong
2013 EMG EMG Arm Orthosis for Assistance and Rehabilitation (pdf, 817KB)
Jessica Lee, David Carter, Yi Shi, Alex Yoo
2013 Breathing Apparatus FABA: Filter Assisted Breathing Apparatus for Fire Protection (pdf, 737KB)
Evan Gates, Carissa Iannone, Lisa Rising, Jesse Salazar
2013 Breathing Apparatus The Lite Bite: An Illuminating Bite Block for Improving Oral Care in Developing Nations (pdf, 1,679KB)
Alan Fu, Kartik Goyal, Tiffany Ho, Hirotaka Nakagawa, Dennis Ou
2013 Nanosharks Nanosharks: Creating a Biofilm-Resistant Tracheostomy Tube (pdf, 1,845KB)
Lizmarie Comenencia, Ashley Figatner, Esha Shanbhogue, Katie Smith, Sharayna Venkat
2013 Nanosharks OmniBrace: A Fast Acting Expanding Foam Splint for Orthopedic Injuries (pdf, 969KB)
Anisha Bapna, Margaret Lees, William Littlefield, Harrison Rose
2013 PoCo DeCo PoCo DeCo: Portable Cooler for Developing Countries (pdf, 1,034KB)
Lee Kat Cheah, Greg Fillios, Allen Lee, Ann Lee, Philip Yang
2013 Pulse Pad PULCE Pad: Pressure Ulcer Detection System (pdf, 1,207KB)
Sivaranjani Balan, Kathleen Bates, Stacey Lee, Zeinab Mohamed
2013 Scottie Dock The Scottie Dock: A Mobility Assist Device for Manual Wheelchair Users (pdf, 950KB)
Adewale Desalu, Brooke Gladstone, Sohini Roy, Andre Sutanto, Ramyata Upmaka
2013 Community Cuff Community Cuff: Manually-Powered Blood Pressure Cuff for Sub-Saharan Africa (pdf, 8,755KB)
Ashley Brienza, Mitra Ebrahimi, Sujung Kim, Sonjae Williams, Leah Yingling
2013 Step Correct StepCorrect: The Over-the-Counter Custom Molded Foot Orthotic (pdf, 483KB)
Phanindraja Ancha, David Birsen, Emerson Hum, Alexander Lum
2013 Wetness Warrior Wetness Warrior: Capacitor-Based Diaper System for Real-time Wetness Detection (pdf, 529KB)
John Lawlor, Nicholas Karabin, Nathaniel Ondeck, Prerak Patel, Mala Shah



2011 Flex Brace The Pittsburgh Flex Brace: A Dynamic Way to Treat Scoliosis (pdf, 148KB)
Kelsey Briggs, Jen Buse, Khevna Desai, Scott Kunz, Gabrielle Page, Murrel Pereira
2012 ThinAir ThinAir: A One-Time Use, Ultrathin Rescue Asthma Inhaler (pdf, 779KB)
David Morse, Alex Chou, Allen Chen, Stephen Tsaur, Deborah Gruner
NCIIA BMEstart 2012 Third Place
2012 Procalcitonin Detector Procalcitonin (PCT) Detector (pdf, 3,840KB)
Robert Tisherman, Jake Divone, Courtney Joe, Abigail Ondeck, Ina Joo, Soohyun Park
2012 Ulcer Detector At Home Diabetic Plantar Ulcer Detection Device (pdf, 3,930KB)
Mrtika Bhaumik, Matt Biegler, Mark Loh, Robert Mohard, Allison Tran, Alex Yoshikawa
2012 OsteoTest OsteoTest: At Home Osteoporosis Test (pdf, 1,500KB)
Clara Cheung, Alix Dixon-Ernst, Aditi Gogineni, Travis Horst, Marcia Solorzano, Jia Jia Zhang
2012 Oxygenation Device Ambulatory Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation Assist Device (pdf, 4,801KB)
Joe Kromka, Bryan Good, Heath McAlister, Erica List, Jason Ma, Brad Edelman
2012 Coumadin Monitor My-NR: Coumadin Monitoring and Dosing System (pdf, 2,082KB)
Kyle Andrews, Lauren Ellis, Yong Ha Jung, Dan Lawler, Victor Nunez, Jay Rockwell
2012 Go Klean Go Klean: Revolutionizing Healthcare Professionals Hand Sanitation (pdf, 732KB)
Kathryn Kukla, Ben MacDonald, Jessica Santana, Teja Shah, Chris Shellhamer, Jocelyn Zhao



2011 Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Concentrator and Sensor for Developing Nations (pdf, 2,418KB)
Courtney Baker, Nikunja Kolluri, Laura McKee, John Sexton, Eric Shyr
2011 Corrective Lumbar Low profile corrective lumbar system for Spondylolisthesis (pdf, 1,747KB).
Brianne Burton, Kelly Collier, Phil Manor, Alice Mayfield, Greta Michalczuk, Divya Krishnamoorthy.
NCIIA BMEstart 2011 Honorable Mention
Visit ActivAided Orthotics for fully developed product known as RecoveryAid
2011 Malaria Affordable Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Malaria (pdf, 3,129KB)
Christopher DeFrancesco, Christopher Lacko, Matthew Ondeck, Keshav Raghavan, Marianna Sofman
2011 Mechanomyography Demand Oxygen System using Mechanomyography (pdf, 2,633KB)
Amber Xu, Arianna Golden, Brad Holden, Marco Dyer, Suyog Sonwalkar, Youngeun Kim
2011 MaskDesign of a Cold-Weather Mask for Asthmatics (pdf, 620KB)
Emily Bayer, Princess Parker-Smith, Sebastien Persaud, Jane Sun, Ellen Tworkoski
2011 Creatine Sensor Implanted Creatinine Sensor for Cardiopulmonary Bypass Patients (pdf, 1,000KB)
Itthi Chatnuntawech, Jennifer David, Conan Park, Ben Shimomura, April Watt
2011 Tuff-Huff Tuff-Huff: Active Cycle of Breathing Computer Game for Children (pdf, 965KB)
Pallavi Nair, Robert Piston, Kenneth Yan, Wendy Shung, Pojung Chen, Allison Kator
2011 SmartSole SmartSole: Foot Ulcer Detection (pdf, 679KB)
Leo Ahnn, Mana Ameri, Josh Heuslein, Samantha Tan, Priyanka Venkatesh, Seung Ho Yang