Biomedical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University


Conrad Zapanta

Associate Department Head of Biomedical Engineering
Teaching Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Office: Scott Hall 4N205
Lab: Smith Hall 125

Tel: (412)_ 268-9061
Fax:  (412) 268-3025

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (Option in Biomedical Engineering), Carnegie Mellon University, 1991
Ph.D. Bioengineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 1997

Dr. Zapanta’s primary teaching responsibilities are Biomedical Engineering Laboratory and Design.  Additional teaching interests include medical device design education and professional issues in biomedical engineering.  Dr. Zapanta’s responsibilities as Associate Department head include overseeing the undergraduate curriculum and undergraduate student advising.

Dr. Zapanta’s research interests are in developing medical devices to treat cardiovascular disease, focusing on the areas of cardiac assist devices and prosthetic heart valves. 

Dr. Zapanta is an active member in the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Society for Engineering Education, and the Biomedical Engineering Society. He is a reviewer for several biomedical engineering journals. Dr. Zapanta also serves as a reviewer for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Cardiovascular Sciences Small Business Special Emphasis Panel and as an ABET Program Evaluator (PEV) for Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering programs.


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