Biomedical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University




Jelena Kovacevic

Image Acquisition

  • Adaptive multirate acquisition of fluorescence microscopy data sets
  • Intelligent acquisition and learning of fluorescence microscope data models


  • Topology preserving STACS segmentation
  • Active mask segmentation


Multiresolution frame classification

Interactive Mathematica Demonstrations

  • Ideal Nth-band discrete filters
  • Separable and nonseparable 2D sequences
  • Unit-norm vectors under different p-norms
  • A pair of biorthogonal bases in the real plane
  • Three vector spaces
  • Equivalence of linear and circular convolutions
  • Linear-phase discrete filters
  • Moving-average discrete filters
  • Gibbs phenomenon in the truncated discrete-time Fourier transform of the sinc sequence
  • Multirate signal processing: downsampling
  • Multirate signal processing: upsampling
  • Twin-dragon wavelet

Yu-li Wang

Multi-resolution denoising of fluorescence images

Byron Yu

  • Gaussian Process Factor Analysis (GPFA): extracts low-d latent trajectories from noisy, high-d time series data
  • DataHigh: Matlab-based graphical user interface to visualize and interact with high-dimensional neural population activity

Y. Jessica Zhang

LBIE-Mesher (Level Set Boundary Interior and Exterior Mesher; introduction, download)

Devices and Gadgets

The Award-Winning Hug Machine from BME Senior Design (for Autistic Children)

Yu-li Wang

  • Precision air pressure regulator for microinjection (pdf)
  • Precision double instrument micromanipulator (pdf)
  • Combined stepping Motor and device controller (pdf)