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Biomedical Engineering started a dramatic transformation in 2002, when it grew from a program into an independent Department. While we greatly value the long history of our predecessor programs and the large number of outstanding alumni of these programs, the multiple transitions since 1965 also present a challenge in building a complete record of all the alumni, in reaching out to them, and in helping them to network with each other.


To meet this challenge, we are making an effort to connect with alumni in various ways, among them LinkedIn may serve as a tool for the alumni to network with the Department and with each other. I encourage you to link with me and/or the BME group, and to look for fellow alumni among our Connections. In addition, I encourage you to contact us using this simple web page.

We are eager to share both stories about our interesting journey and exciting outlooks such as our new home in the Scott Hall, now under construction. Above all, we are at a critical stage of development that can truly benefit from the participation of our alumni. There are many potential pathways for the Department and its students to explore in this young exciting field, and your experience, insight, and participation will make a difference and leave a footprint.


Best regards,

Yu-li Wang
Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering

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