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We understand that you may have graduated from either the Department of Biomedical Engineering recently or from its predecessor programs over the decades. Regardless of when you were here, we greatly value your help in guiding the development of the Department and its students. We are also eager to help you reconnect with each other.

Please feel free to contact me using the form below whenever you have thoughts or news to share. We are also happy to hear from you by phone, email, or visits.

Bin He
Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Conrad Zapanta

Associate Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering

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Attend alumni events in Pittsburgh.
Meet with faculty or students who happen to be in your area.
Share a story with the BME community, via either this web site or a newsletter.
Share professional knowledge or career experience with students.
Provide strategic advice to the BME Department, visiting as needed.
Serve as a mentor for a senior capstone design project, if you are nearby.
Serve as a career consultant for individual students who are interested in a similar career path.
Facilitate job or internship opportunities for selected students.
Provide financial support (any scale is appreciated).
Explore naming rights at Scott Hall.

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